Traffic Greeters Part 3

Join NEN  Monday October 5 and Tuesday October 6 to "greet" the traffic on James Street North at Ferrie at 8:00

Many children and parents need to cross this busy street on their way to school.  It was identified by residents as a place where traffic needs to go slow and be respectful of the North End as a Residential Neighbourhood.

"Traffic Greeters" Slow Down Traffic

NEN and supporters are gathering  the first week of school to remind vehicles "rushing" over the John Street bridge, that 2 schools (Bennetto and St. Lawrence) are just ahead and they need to drive slowly and carefully!  The School Council at Bennetto joined in as well as people walking by with their children.  We are all concerned about the speed of traffic coming over the John Street North railroad overpass. 

Residents are supportive and appreciative, joining in and carrying signs - even giving out coffee and treats! Many people stop and talk! More and more people are joining in - even students on their way to school.

"Traffic Greeters" events are organized by the Board of Directors of NEN to address the problem of speeding drivers in a area that is hard hit by the volume and speed of traffic cutting through the North End.  Our "Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood" initiative will see speed reduced on all streets to 30K.  Supported by Councillor Bob Bratina, 30K is an important part of making our neighbourhood and the City of Hamilton The Best Place To Raise A Child.

We were happy to notice that cars, buses, taxis, and trucks responded with waves and slowed down and we hope that drivers will remember our "greeting" and understand that is is a potentially dangerous area for local school children!

Join NEN!

NEN is working hard to encourage north enders to join the neighbourhood association. By working together, we are making a difference in our community.

Our membership fee is only $2 and it is good until October 2010! 

Donations are always welcome. Our annual general meeting is on October 20 at Bennetto Recreation Centre. 

Members can run in the election to be a director and can vote for directors.

City Wants Your Opinion on a Pedestrian Friendly Gore Park

The Gore Park Master Plan is looking for our input into the plan to make Gore Park more pedestrian friendly. The plan is to remove the buses from the south side and make the area open for some changes.

Have your opinion heard and hear other people's ideas. There will be 3 sessions on September 9 to see display boards and to get our ideas.

2 p.m  display boards set up in Gore Park.  No presentation, but staff on hand to answer questions.
Two other presentations will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 150 King St. East, Pavilion A, Level 3

3 - 5 p.m. with a 3:30 presentation
6 - 8 p.m. with a 6:30 presentation

For more information see the website below.

Greeting Rush Hour Traffic

North End "greeters" met traffic using Bay Street to cut through the neighbourhood, or to attend a 7:30 Rotary Club breakfast at the Chamber of Commerce.

About 20 residents carrying signs saying "Children Live Here - Drive Slowly", "Pedestrian Friendly Driving", " Is Driving Fast Fair To Residents?" walked the Bay Street sidewalk beginning at 7:00 am.

Drivers slowed down! One driver, Tim, stopped and came by to talk to us, saying he was fully in support! Thanks Tim!

Park N'Party - A Fun Time for the North End!

Weather co-operated and the crowds showed up! (Over 700!) A great time was had by all! And thanks for everyone waited so patiently for food!
Thanks to our many sponsors of this fabulous event, too many to mention all of them, but a few deserve our special thanks.
Bunge, Columbian Chemicals, Liberty Energy, and Westway: thank you for your generosity!
Harvey's, Liuna Station, Our Corner, James Novak: great food!
City of Waterfalls: cold water, hot barbecue, and helping hands!
Welcome Inn, Hughson Street Baptist Church, Immigrant Cultural Art Association for tables, chairs, and trucks.
NEN wishes to especially thank North Hamilton Community Health Centre for partnering for this event! Great partners in a great community.

North End Neighbours - selling t-shirts, memberships, and having a great time!

Thanks to our own Anne Marie Pavlov! Proud to be a North Ender!

Watermelon, hot dogs, vegetarian pizza, snow cones! YUMMY! Thanks to our sponsors: Our Corner Restaurant, Harvey's, Liuna Station, James Novak & City of Waterfalls (Chris Ecklund)

Recycling worked! Very little garbage was left thanks to these "recyling instructors"! And the park was spotless! What a great group!
The games were a lot of fun - and so were the prizes!

Park N' Party was a great success. Everyone enjoyed the weather and friends, and even touched reptiles!

Standing Firm for a Safe Neighbourhood June 9, 2009

For many years residents of the North End have worked hard to ensure our neighbourhood stays a great place to live and raise our families. We thought we were making progress. We thought we were close.

Now the City is developing a new Official Plan for the urban area of the City. That new plan will cancel the progress we have made. There will be 3 meetings with the City to receive citizen input, June 10, 11, and 16.

NEN will be there. Our organization will be standing firm in our commitment for a safe neighbourhood, a Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood.

Please come to the public meeting on:

June 11, 2009 7:00

at the Hamilton Convention Centre!

Your attendance is important!

The meeting begins at 6:00 with a presentation by the City. At approximately 7:00 will be the public presentations. We encourage everyone to attend and bring your children. (Your choice of arrival time.)

Join the campaign!
1. Come to the Public Meeting on June 11.

2. Phone Councillor Bob Bratina at 546 -2424 ext 2711

Leave a message on his machine and let Mr. Bratina know you are concerned with keeping our neighbourhood a great place to live.

3. Join North End Neighbours - a deal at only $2 per year.

North End Traffic Management Study Goes Before Council

The Traffic Management Study which we have worked so hard on the last few years is going before Council Wednesday evening.

Contrary to what was published in the Spectator, the Public Works Committee has agreed to a 30 km/h speed limit on all streets except James and Burlington.

We have gathered 700 plus signatures on our petition in support of a Child & Family Friendly Neighbourhood and blanket 30 km/h limit from residents, visitors and businesses. It should be noted that more than 95 % of those approached agreed to sign the petition, which shows the high level of support in the Neighbourhood for this action.

Just this weekend we have also gathered 70 signed letters of those living on and close to James and Burlington demanding that these streets are included in the pilot project with 30 km/h speed limits. Not to do so will mean the neighbourhood is divided into 3 areas, require a lot of signs and generally cause confusion in drivers and pedestrians and negates the idea that cut-through commuter traffic should go around the neighbourhood, not through it.

We strongly encourage you to attend the Council Meeting tomorrow evening to support the implementation of a full Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood.
City Council Meeting - Wednesday, January 28th, 7:00 p.m. Hamilton Convention Centre – Albion Room.