AGM October 17

Around 60 people attended the 2012 AGM for North End Neighbours.  Congratulations to the new board for the 2012 – 2013 year.  Each person on the board is enthusiastic is ready to work for the best interest of the North End. 

Our new Board for 2012 - 2013:

Donna Brant: Burlington Street East
Dave Stevens: Simcoe Street East
Christeen Urquhart: Simcoe Street East
Chris Pearson: Ferrie Street East
Sandra Hudson: Ferrie Street West
Sheri Selway: Mary Street
Peggyanne Mansfield: Guise Street
Helen Bilechuk: Bay Street North
Margie Kneulman: Strachan St. East

Currently we attend the Ward 2 Neighbourhood Council meetings and Jamesville Hub meetings on a regular basis.   

In addition, we welcome residents who want to participate on committees from time to time: Dog Park, Save the Parkette,  Park N’Party, Open Streets, Adopt-a-Park, and other initiatives. 

 We were happy to have Councillor Jason Farr speak at our AGM.  Plans are being made to have more neighbourhood meetings to talk directly with our Councillor.  Jason spoke about the Casino issue facing Hamilton and Council and Participatory Budgeting.  If you are interested in any of those topics, please contact us or Councillor Farr.  The first PB Planning Meeting will be held on November 30.  

After much consideration and consultation, NEN has decided to oppose the selling of the Bay/Strachan open space for residential and support the efforts to develop and enhance it as a park.  The AGM voted to accept the following statement by a wide majority.  NEN opposes selling the land known as Simcoe Tot Lot/38 Strachan/344 Bay for residential development at the property until such time as compelling evidence is presented to neighbourhood residents that convinces them the rezoning and redevelopment will not cause harm and will be positive for the neighbourhood and we support residents’ efforts developing and enhancing the Simcoe Tot Lot through a public process.”  We are planning a public meeting in January.

Memberships to NEN for the 2012 – 2013 year are available at the Scotia Bank. Make sure you are on our email list for updates and notifications of meetings and events.
Buy your $2 membership today at the Scotia Bank or from any of the Board members near you. 

posted: April 18, 2012

Neighbourhood Meeting
May 1   7 pm

Bennetto Recreation Centre
Hughson Street North

This meeting was originally organized to discuss the issue of "Aerotropolis", a city-wide issue, and "Radial Separation", 300 metres between Residential Care Facilities, an issue affecting several neighbourhoods in Ward 2.

Since that time, another issue has surfaced directly affecting residents west of James Street.  Therefore, some of this meeting has been planned to discuss the future of the vacant land, currently zoned P1, Parkette at the corner of Bay and Strachan.

On March 20, Councillor Farr informed NEN in an email that a motion had been prepared to declare the  land on the north-east corner of Bay and Strachan surplus, and rezone it to allow low-density residential as identified in Setting Sail. This was the first time NEN had heard of this idea. In addition, this was too late to get it into The Breezes.

NEN thanked Jason for NOT putting the motion forward, agreeing that it needed discussing in the neighbourhood, and asked questions about it.  Jason attended the April 3 meeting to begin the discussion.

NEN asked Jason to NOT put the motion forward at the April 17 meeting of the Planning Committee.  By then, he had heard from several people in the neighbourhood.  On April 17, the motion was "withdrawn", until a later time; the word "months" was used. Jason indicated he wanted time to discuss the issue fully in the neighbourhood. In addition, Councillor Whitehead asked that a full report of the ratio of parks in our neighbourhood be taken on.

The North End is a dense neighbourhood already, although not the densest, and is steadily coping with change within the neighbourhood and at the Waterfront.

Setting Sail, the secondary plan which includes our neighbourhood, identified 3 main "areas of major change": The Waterfront, Barton-Tiffany, And Ferguson-Wellington corridor. Within those areas, NEN agreed to the development of new homes to bring families to the urban core of Hamilton. (page 33) 

Setting Sail also identified a number of planning principles for the area, including "Strenthen Existing Neighbourhoods", "Enhance Physical and Visual Connections", and Promote a Healthy Harbour etc.  
 (page 5).  Under Strengthen Neighbourhoods is viii "Augment existing parkland with additional publicly-accessible open spaces." Change, and new development, must be balanced with quality of life of the people who live here.  The character of the neighbourhood must be respected.

Below is the link to the Setting Sail Secondary Plan.

Sheri Selway