Minutes of Board Meetings

Minutes* – North End Neighbourhood Association – 
7:30 November 10, 2015

Waterfront Trust Board Room – Discovery Drive

Attendance: Board – Rob Fiedler, Jon Davey, Catherine Ahern, Zoe Pipe, Keven Piper, Dave Stephens, Sheri Selway, Carmen Cooper

Stephen Park was skyped in.

Members – Werner Plessl, Bryan Ritskes, Gabe Nicholson, Peter Chernets, Carol Hoblyn

As this was the first meeting of the Board, there was no official agenda prepared, but a tentative agenda was circulated before the meeting.

Tentative Agenda as circulated:
1) Introductions
2) Executive selection
3) Board Insurance
4) Meeting schedule & location
5) Working Groups chairs selection (e.g.OMB, Traffic Management, Membership & Events, Communications, anything else)
6) OMB appeal

1. Introductions – each person introduced themselves
Board: Dave, Carmen, Keven, Catherine, Zoe, Jon, Rob, Sheri – Stephen absent
Increasing community engagement and participation is a theme. Suggestions of more events and using social media.

Rob asked a procedural question. Who is the chair of the meeting?  We have an obligation to perform according to our bylaws. NEN has in the past used Bourinot’s rules or order.  Discussion.  Keven acted as the chair.

2. Executive Selection.

Board Appointee: There was a tie for the last Board positions, requiring the Board to either appoint the candidate or hold an election.  According to our bylaws (16) the Board may appoint a member as a director to fill a vacancy on the Board, until the next AGM.  It was pointed out that there were “requests for consideration” set for the appointment by the other party for withdrawing. Ms. Selway stated she did not wish to be appointed with conditions attached.

Moved by Catherine, seconded by Carmen to appoint Sheri as a Board member. Consensus

The discussion of conditions will be held at a later time and were not agreed to at this meeting.

Officers of the Board need to be decided.  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and will needs to be re-elected if someone resigns from the Board as per our bylaws. The board discussed the roles of the officers as per the bylaws, and discussion of possible conflicts of interest.

Keven declared possible conflicts as working with City, Sarcoa, Waterfront Trust, and is president of Harbour West Neighbours. 

Dave, does contract work, volunteers at the Evergreen Engagement Space, and is an individual appellant on an OMB appeal

Rob has in the past applied for a City job. 
No one else had a possible conflict and discussion for Officers took place.   

President – Carmen Cooper
Vice President – Catherine Ahern
Secretary – Sheri Selway
Treasurer – Keven Piper

Discussion: We have discussed in the previous board, having the President and Vice President be changed to  co-chairs. Someone will need to go through the bylaws to check to see how this can be done and what may need to be replaced within the bylaws to make it work.  The Board can make an amendment and act on it, but a bylaw amendment will need to go to the AGM in 2016. Carmen and Catherine work together.

Motion: The board appoints the following executive. 
President –Carmen Cooper,
Vice-President – Catherine Ahern,
Secretary – Sheri Selway,
Treasurer – Keven Piper.  Moved by Rob Seconded Jon Carried

3) Board Insurance – Discussion of benefits and costs. 

Motion – to pursue directors insurance and authorize the funds up to $500. Moved by Catherine Seconded by Rob  Carried

Action: Sheri to send the insurance information to Keven who, as treasurer will complete any necessary forms and pay the costs before the next Director Meeting in December.

4) Regular meeting day. Discussion: to have it in the first part of the month so an update can be made in the Breezes. We will try for the first Tuesday or Wednesday as a regular meeting day at 7:00 pm

5) Working Groups/Committees – not discussed this meeting

6) OMB Appeal  Discussion of going in-camera – to deal with information shared with Board that is may be private.  Question re: private issue submitted from member were the member’s OMB issues.  Keven explained that we would be discussing an issue brought forward in confidence by a member. 

Objections were raised.  Rob asked to be put on record that the information sent by Bryan Ritskes was not confidential, or private.  Noted for record that the information should not be considered confidential as it involved communication of a letter sent to him by his lawyer Herman Turkstra to a third-party without securing prior consent that it be considered private by the receiver.

This OMB has been an energy drain on NEN Board. Many meetings and hours to deal with it.  Suggestion to strike a committee, but it needs formal term of reference and does not make decisions, only recommendations.  Carol (member) stated she would like to continue on the OMB sub-committee, when and if it is appointed.

Discussion, whether or not the meeting needs to go in camera.  Discussion – this issue is raising a lot of conflict. Need go to in camera so the new members of the board can try to sort out the issue.

Comment – (before going in camera) that Nov 17 is a scheduled Traffic Management Plan meeting with the City. NEN invited, as well as several others.

A new “Traffic Management Liaison Committee” needs written terms of reference. Gabe requested to be on it. Discussion.

Motion – Whereas the previous board has been working on the a meeting about the Traffic Plan with Jason Farr, move to authorize to send the previous Traffic Management Committee to the Nov. 17 meeting with the City (Jon, Rob, and Dave).  Moved by Carmen, Seconded by Jon Carried
Discussion – Jon Davy, Rob Fiedler, Dave Stephens, Shawn Selway have been invited.

Motion – to move the meeting in camera.  Moved by Keven, seconded by Dave Carried

Summary of discussion in-camera: Summary of events that led NEN to decide to take on the OMB case in March 2014, and subsequent events leading up to and including the split with our pro-bono lawyer in February 2015, when he resigned.  NEN did continue the case without counsel through mediation; however, the commitment in terms of board time and resources to continue is and was huge. In depth discussion.  

Motion to come out of camera.  Moved, seconded - Carried.

Motion:  Although there are serious issues that led us to appeal that remain unresolved, and whereas we don’t have the resources to carry forward, we to ask OMB permission to withdraw from the appeal.          Moved by Catharine, seconded by Rob.   carried. 6-2     1 abstention

Thanks to Werner Plessl for allowing the use of the WFT Board room.

Meeting adjourned. 


* The  minutes shown above are a copy and/or summary of the approved minutes of the Board meetings for communication purposes with our members. If there is any question arising from these minutes, the originals will be used for clarification.